Lina Hariri's Design Document


This website will be for teaching “Iraqi dialect through Animation”. This site is intended for users who are seeking to learn the Iraqi dialect from the beginner’s level. There are three main reasons for this website. First, it will provide thematic Iraqi dialogues through authentic animated videos. The themes are created based on Common Core Standards and ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for learning any language. Second, it will provide some cultural information about the Iraqi people and the way they live and interact. Third, it will give access to other useful Iraqi websites to help the learners understand the dialect and the culture of this civilization.

Use cases:

  1. An educator can link the website to his or her Moodle/Canvas classes by adding lesson URL to the weekly assignment of his course. The assignments can include YouTube videos, practice exercises, or reading assignments. The lessons will have brief introduction to help the educator pick the right ones to match his syllabus.
  2. A student in the above educator’s class might visit the website to learn the language and do his assignments. He will find information on the first page about what the site will offer. He will have links to watch a short dialogue video, see a sample exercise, or read a cultural note about the country, all provided on the first page. From there, he or she can click on the provided links to go to the full lessons list, and when clicking again on a desired lesson topic, he or she will be directed to a full interactive lesson.
  3. Another student might go to the website to find open-source information about the language and culture of Iraq for his research/project paper. He can access different resources about Iraqi culture by visiting links for recipes, Iraqi TV series and movies, history, folkloric dancing and more.

Design Concept:

The audience of this website are mostly government officials, military students, and any non-native speaker, age 16 and up, who is interested in learning the Iraqi dialect. The audience has to be English speakers first since most information and instructions are all provided in English language. Some users need to know the Iraqi Alphabets and how to read in order to benefit from all the materials provided on the site. All levels of Iraqi learners can benefit from the website because of the diversity of contents that it includes. Good internet connection is required in order to watch movies and download lessons.

Questions asked to Iraqi educators:

What type of information would you find most helpful on our web site?

What type of information do you NOT want to see included on the website?

What area of interest or specialty would you like to contribute to the web site?

Questions asked to Iraqi students:

What type of information would you find most helpful on our web site?

How often will you use such information?

Five Reference Websites:

These sites are examples of good and/or bad artifacts to be considered for the final design.

Presentation of Information:

Content Synopsis

After intensive research and suggestions, I have decided to include the following content areas, hoping in the future I will be able to accommodate all my audience requests.

Outlines of Website Organization

The following shows the outline of the proposed pages and content.

Wireframe of Website Organization

Here is a link to my wireframe page.

Rationale for Organization

The web site will be designed in way to make it easy to navigate and find information related to the Iraqi dialect and its culture. The design will contain:


The banner logo will be a graphic that is created by one of my colleagues. Most images and videos on the website will be my work, and occasionally, I will have photos taken from Creative Commons websites. The public photos will be credited accordingly with a text under each one of them. In the footer section, I'll include a statement stating that ‘using of these images is prohibited without permission from the owner." All images and videos will be optimized for web use.

Color Scheme and Rationale

The colors I am using are taken from the logo theme to provide harmony to the overall look. The logo is consisted of an orange cube with black texts. The background behind the cube is light green with sandy texture. I am intending to make the background of the site light green with black rectangle for the banner and footer, and orange rectangle for the navigation column. The Content section will stay white for easy reading, and will be accented by orange heading and black texts.
Below are the colors of my website:

Light green


Golden orange