Lina Hariri's Evaluations Report


Marcia is a The IT director in our department who evaluated my page as an HTML developer. She has previously designed our center’s website. She is also responsible for the two computer labs at the center. I asked her to look at my website and give me her feedback since she is the one to approve and plug in my codes to our website once I am done with this project, as this is going to be a site for one of our products. In order to do this, she used her iMac computer, 3.33 GHZ Intel core 2 Duo, running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3 4GB RAM. She used the university high speed internet in her office and Google chrome.

The person who tested my page as an educator is Ghada. Ghada has a master in Arabic and is my colleague and a team member who was been working with me for the last 2 years in developing Iraqi lessons for beginners. She is also an Iraqi teacher who has been teaching the language for over five years. This site was important for her because she needs it in order to be able to teach her students the Iraqi dialects by assigning to them the curriculum that we have developed together. I asked Ghada to review my site and give me her feedback. She used the computer at the language lab using Google Chrome .

One of the student who I asked to test my page was Eric. Eric is a current Iraqi student at our center who has been studying Iraqi dialect for the second year. He is a 21 year-old marine who is going to be deployed to Iraq in the next year. I asked him to review my page since he had to deal with all sort of Iraqi resources in order to do his assignments. Eric teste my site on a Lenovo ThinkPad, Intel Celeron, 1.8 6GHZ processor, 8.0 GB RAM, Chrome 56.

My second student tester was Rachel. Rachel is a 22 years-old marine who has also been studying Iraqi dialect for the second year with the chance of being deployed to Iraq in few months. I asked Rachel to test my page and give me her feedback. She tested the page on the computer lab: DELL desktop running Windows 8, Intel Core™ i7, 2 GHz, 16 MB RAM. The internet was the university high speed one.

Summary of Evaluators’ Comments

Average Scores from the Evaluators
Category Average Score
Design 4.4
Content 4.7
Credibility 4.7

Design wise, all the evaluators agreed that the document is subdivided into logical supporting pages, the multimedia elements have clear purpose, the text is easy to read, and the navigation is intuitive and easy to understand. They also agree that Homepage is linked from all subsequent pages, and the colors are coordinated. Content wise, they all agreed that the links are appropriate and have a definitive purpose, useful contents are embedded, and site stimulates thinking and reflection. However they agreed less when it came to in-depth content. Credibility wise, they all agreed that the site is bias-free, and materials are original. And except for Eric, they said that contact person with email address is included.

Marcia took the time to explain almost her opinion in every category and was impressed with the site. She strongly agreed on almost every item except when it came to providing thumbnail and properties for image. She thought that the site is clearly and neatly coded, the contents are well distributed and easy to follow. She also complimented the visual layout and found it attractive for visitors.

Ghada was also pleased with the site in general, but she hoped to have more in-depth information later on as we get to link to more resources and cultural notes.

Eric was hoping to see that all links are working, unfortunately I was not able to do that because I was afraid that the evaluation would be on the developed lessons that were created by animation software and Articulate Storyline that contain in-depth information about teaching the language. I had to explain later on why I intentionally left the links inaccessible. He also suggested to include more information about the creator of the materials.

Overall, the general feedback was that it was an attractive design and easy to use and navigate through. The browsers that were used were Chrome and Firefox. The machines were 2 PCs, one iMac, and one tablet, and they all worked very fine. Since they all used the high speed internet of the university, lower speed was not tested for his purpose. They all wanted the links to be working in order to test how much real information the site would, but were pleased with entertaining appearance of the overall site.

Evaluator Data

The below links are for my website evaluators’ data files:

Use cases


This website is intended for users who are seeking to learn the Iraqi dialect from the beginner’s level. There are three main reasons for this website. First, it provides thematic Iraqi dialogues through authentic animated videos. The themes are created based on Common Core Standards and ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for learning any language. Second, it provides some cultural information about the Iraqi people and the way they live and interact. Third, it gives access to other useful Iraqi websites to help the learners understand the dialect and the culture of this civilization.

The three use cases

  1. The first use case is an educator who can link the website to his or her Module/Canvas classes by adding lesson URL to the weekly assignment of his course. Ghada, the instructor, agreed that this can be done once all the links are working and that she will use my website for future assignments.
  2. The second use case was intended for a student in an educator’s class who can visit the website to learn the language and do his assignments directly from Canvas/ Moodle account. Since this has not been done yet, this use case was not tested.
  3. The third use case was for another student who might go to the website to find open-source information about the language and culture of Iraq for his research/project paper. He can access different resources about Iraqi culture by visiting links for food preparation, Iraqi TV series and movies, history, folkloric dancing and so on. This was tested by the two students mentioned above, Eric and Rachel, and they found the site useful for this purpose.

Recommended/Planned Changes

Based on the feedback that I have collected, I propose making changes in the following areas:

Reflections on Evaluation Process

I was very interested by all the steps that needed in order to create a useful, workable website. Having all these people evaluate the site, made it clear to me the strengths and the weakness of the visual display and content distribution that I, as a creator couldn’t see. I hoped that all my pages and links were working at the time of the testing, but this was undoable for me because of the length of the class. Luckily, I was able to find all these evaluators at my work because of the nature of the institution that I work at. It is also important to know how to sell products in a way that makes it appealing to the customer, as previously I had to have the product posted on the center’s main site and people were not able to figure it out since it was just a small link with a small image in a long page that people were not able to see easily, because of all the information that was posted on the same page.

After all, and after comparing between how the information was presented in the main site and the new one, the evaluators were happy to see how much useful information has been done to the information site. The It director is looking forward to this site to be finished so she can copy the codes to the center’s main site and make it available for the public, hoping that it will useful to all educators and student so the Iraqi dialect.

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