Lina Hariri's Basic Webpage

This is the first webpage that I have ever created, and I am so excited about the process. Below are a couple of ideas that I am considering for the final website:

Topic 1

Iraqi Dialect through Animation

My first idea is to develop a website that teaches Iraqi dialect for beginners using lessons I have created in the past with the Articulate Storyline software. In this webpage, a user can:

  1. Listen to Iraqi conversations through animated videos.
  2. Check comprehension level by answering multiple-choice questions.
  3. Learn about the Iraqi culture.

Topic 2

Arabic Cultural Resources

My second idea is to create a resource website for Arabic culture, since learning a language can’t be mastered without understanding the culture of that language. Aubrey Neil Leveridge, a teacher and lecturer in Australia, wrote for :

Teachers must instruct their students on the cultural background of language usage. If one teaches language without teaching about the culture in which it operates, the students are learning empty or meaningless symbols or they may attach the incorrect meaning to what is being taught. The students, when using the learnt language, may use the language inappropriately or within the wrong cultural context, thus defeating the purpose of learning a language.

In this site, the user can have access to multiple cultural resources available on the net, including links to Arabic movies, cultural activities, meal preparation, and stories from that regions.

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